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My Puzzle

My People

What is your answer to the question, "Who are the most important people in your life"?

For me, it is the quick and easy response, listing close family and friends.  However, the honest and practical answer is one that include some who may not even know me by name.  Allow me to elaborate.

I, undoubtedly, could not be who I am and could not imagine life without my family.  Certain family members are the reasons I have made it thus far.  I owe family for feeding my heart regularly, for the encouragement to do more and go farther, and for teaching me when and how to push the envelope to get what I need and deserve.


And then, I really ponder the true question (and I encourage you to do the same)...

the most important people...

I envision myself spreading out my life like pieces of a puzzle.  There's a piece for love, a piece for health, a piece for socializing, a piece for welfare and learning and success, etc., etc.  The pieces are all mixed up until I fit them together appropriately.  Once the puzzle fits, I am at my best.  My life has the most success, both financially and fulfilling, when I surround myself with good, like-minded people who encourage and enable me to take care of myself as I hold on as tight as I can.  It is all of these people that I love.  

With all of that being said, I have to then, also point out some truly life or death supports. These are the outlying puzzle pieces.  The ones that are farther away from me as the center, but also add to the completion of my life.

Let me exemplify a few key pieces...

- my caregivers (a select few of whom I consider family)

- doctors/healthcare professionals

- technical/mechanical creators/repair persons for medical equipment

- teachers/coaches


Other than my caregivers, these are people with whom I do not have frequent or regular contact with.  These are essential and necessary relationships.  Without interacting with them, I could be left without many of the wonderful things I used to think of as luxuries and unachievable.  I now can witness that with professionals, technicians, and inspirations these are the who my dreams are made of.

Like mentioned before, I cannot believe that in my lifetime there is proven and accessible treatment for my diagnosis, that I have the choice of assistive devices, in using a molded and multifunctional chair, trained to adopt a highly technical system allowing me to DRIVE !!

Pulling together all aspects, all pieces of my story, all of the people who have made me who I am. 


I am grateful to say with them and because of them I like who I am.

Image by Hans-Peter Gauster
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