I'm Kathy,

your Certified Life Coach.  

Mission At "Grace", I devote myself to serving people with disabilities, caregivers and family members.

Services, tools, and skills all created to promote independence in our lives, to demonstrate what works in achieving self-determined goals, and to lead our lives with confidence. .I am committed to extend your individual life coaching experience with the utmost respect and privacy. As my client I will provide coaching in a safe space, as you identify your abilities, develop personal goals, and ensue self exploration and self advocacy.

VisionGrace with a Glitch llc  will be the chosen Life Coach business by anyone with a want or need to do better, be better, and live better.. The Life Coaching as served at "Grace" will become skills and abilities taught to everyone as part of our education. The proven coaching methods will be assets in the personal growth and common to people with disabilities caregivers, and family members... to all.

Life Coaching
for People with Disabilities

Grace with a Glitch 

As a Certified Life Coach...
I use a well-rounded and empowering approach
to serve people with disabilities, caregivers,
family and friends.
I coach towards mastering tools and techniques            necessary to take-on the challenges of living life,
while living disabled.

Kathy LeMieux

Certificate Life Coach

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